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Texas Birth Records





Texas Birth Records

Delayed                1903-1976

Texas Delayed Births

These are delayed birth certificate indexes which are filed in Austin, TX.  
If you need one of these, it can be ordered from Austin using the birth certificate number.  If the birth certificate number is incomplete or illegible, they should still be able to locate it if you give them the information exactly as it appears in this index.
The people in these lists filed their birth certificate in Texas but could have been born anywhere.
The place of birth is listed in the table.  Some of these are very difficult to read and I have indicated a ? where a digit in the certificate number is illegible.  These documents would be very helpful in finding more information.  I notice there are two certificates on file for most of the ones born in Taylor Co, TX.  If you request one of these from Austin, ask them for both!  
Smelscher Sidney Robertson Co, TX 6 or 5-9-1912 572909
Smelseer Joseph Walter Limestone Co, TX 7-13-1889 or 1899 7100?4
Smelseer Robin ???? Limestone Co, TX 11-16-1912 256777 or 9
Smelseer Tommie Edward Robertson Co, TX 4-13-1931 1152861
Smelser Annie Lillian   11-12-1905 192013
Smelser Arlene Dorris Harris Co, TX 2-19-1927 1127581
Smelser Campbell Rankin Motley Co, TX 7 or 9-24-1911 624007
Smelser Canzada Lewis San Saba, TX 7-7-1925 1176268
Smelser Charlie Leslie Green Co, TN 3-24-1894 8 or 62?913
Smelser Charles Lesley Jr. Denton Co, TX 1-23-1933 8???01
Smelser Elvin Scott ? Taylor Co, TX 10-11-1901 1112072 or 8
Smelser Elvin Scott Taylor Co, TX 10-11-1901 127505
NOTE:  There are two delayed births on file for Elvin Scott.  Ask them for both! 
Smelser Eula Mae San Saba Co, TX 8-22-1896 or 1886 9??617
Smelser Esther Juanita Armstrong Co, TX 3-26-1932 59?250
Smelser Eva Marguerite Hale Co, TX ?-31-1921 83228 or 91
Smelser Fay Ola Motley Co, TX 1-27-1914 979014
Smelser Henry Alfred Collin Co, TX 4-24-1921 or 1931 10??23
Smelser Herman ?aley San Saba Co, TX 8-26-1900 419?9?
Smelser James Cunningham Lee Co, TX ?-29-1902 953819
Smelser John Biddle Tennessee 3-25-1898 or 9 ? 1001646
Smelser John Lewis San Saba Co, TX 7-21-191? ?????1
Smelser John Ollie Lee Co, TX 10-09-1925 or 1935 933625
Smelser Jinnie Beatrice San Saba Co, TX 2-18-1908 9?3519
Smelser Le?e Franklin Titus Co, TX 10-02-1906 ?517??
Smelser Lucile Taylor Co, TX 9-1-1900 127804
Smelser Lucile Taylor Co, TX 8-1-1900 1112035
NOTE:  There are two delayed births on file for Lucile Smelser.  Ask them for both!
Smelser Mable Red River Co, TX 3-10-1898 1165165
Smelser Mary Katherine Titus Co, TX 3-12-1924 ???372
Smelser Oran Stanley San Saba Co, TX 12-23-1928 963557
Smelser Rosselle Agnes Williamson Co, TX 7-19-1928 or 23 9?0587
Smelser Rufus Lee Roy Kimble Co, TX 12-19-1911 1072745
Smelser Vyvian Taylor Co, TX 4-11-1904 1112094
Smelser Vyvian Taylor Co, TX ?-1?-190? 127503 or 8
NOTE:  There are two delayed birth certificates on file for Vyvian Smelser.  Ask for both!
Smelser William Miley? Briscoe Co, TX 4-12-1911 106529

Texas Birth Records 1903-1976

These are on file in Austin.  This is the first batch.  There will be more to come as I gather them from the indexes.

Smelker Ben, Infant of Kaufman County 7-15-1913 22779
Smelser Clara - father is Ed Robertson County 6-4-1918 52748
Smelser Euel, Infant of Fisher County 7-1-1918 52747
Smelser Evadell Nellie Bowie County 10-26-1914 32981
Smelser J. J., Infant of Irion County 1-24-1909 81479
Smelser J. R., Infant of San Saba County 5-10-1904 131333
Smelser John, Infant of Red River County
Year not shown on certificate
Smelser Jno. Richard, Infant of San Saba County 1-24-1906 132016
Smelser Lillian Irion County 11-12-1905 81297
Smelser Sam Henry, Infant of Motley County 9-26-1915 38780
Smelson Wm., Infant of Blank 2-13-1913 5173
Smeltzer J., Infant of Dickens County 1-28-1917 1336
SMELSER, Margaret Elizabeth born 13 Mar 1897 in Texas.  
Parents were J. H. (Jake) Smelser and Laura G. Broome.  
Submitted by Paula Roberts.