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Descendants of Vaultin Schmeltzer





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Descendants of Vaultin Schmeltzer
by Patricia Ann Froman Williams with help from Aunt Mildred Smelser
and Stella Jones who supplied a lot of information.

WB00699_1.gif (2084 bytes)Contact and submitter is Kenneth Wayne Froman

Vaultin Schmeltzer born ? died 1777 in Washington Co, MD.  After coming to America
and becoming a citizen, Vaultin changed his name to Valentine Smeltzer.  Valentine
married Carteraut unknown. 
From this union came 5 children:
Adam Valentine - died before 1777
Peter Smeltzer (my direct ancestor)
Odeliah (daughter)
Peter Smeltzer, son of Valentine and Carteraut Smeltser born in Hagerstown, MD.
Peter moved to Pennsylvania and later settled in Bourbon Co, KY.  He departed
this life there in Dec 1795.  Peter married Barbara Garnhart.  Peter was a miller and
farmer.  Mrs. Wade Hampton Whitley (author of Kentucky Antebellum Portraiture,
1956, 848 pp.) wrote a series of articles on Bourbon Co history for the newspaper-
"Paris Kentucky Citizen".  In the 2-7-1958 edition, there appeared an article on the
old mill in which she claimed that Peter Smeltzer applied for a permit for one mill
stating he owned the land on one side of Flat Run and John Kiser the other Jan 1794.
His application was approved but since he died his widow Barbara had to approve
the erection of an 8 foot dam near the mouth of the stream before the mill could go
into operation. 
Peter and Barbara had 10 children:
1.Peter who married Susan Lightfoot
2.Elizabeth who married Adam Smelser (her cousin) (my direct ancestor)
3.Katherine who married Melchor Couchman 22 Mar 1791 in Bourbon Co, KY
          their children:  Andrew and John.
4.Barbara who married Phillip Daubenspeck
5.Mary who married John Smeltzer (her cousin)
6.John who married Abigail Kiplinger
7.Betsey (twin) who married William Thompson
          their child: Joel
8.Margaret who married Peter Smith
9.Jacob who married Elizabeth Smith
10.McLanna (twin) died young.
Elizabeth & Adam Smelser (cousins) married in Bourbon Co, KY.
3 children born to this union:
1.Adam Smelser
     children of Adam:
          Female who married ?? Peirce D.
          Hebron who was born in 1832 and died 1 Dec 1908 in Laffayette, IN
2.Peter Smelser
     children of Peter:
3.Betsey married ?? Gronedyke
     children of Betsey and ?? Gronedyke:
          Caroline who married ?? Elliott
Elizabeth and Adam Smelser's children were born in Bourbon Co, Ky.  They later moved
to Fayette and Union Counties in Indiana.  In 1850 Elizabeth and Adam were living in Fayette Co., IN.  We presume they died there as they were 77 and 73.   Elizabeth and Adam are my ggggrandparents.  Their son Peter (my gggrandfather)   had 1 son, Adam, who is my great-grandfather.  Adam after marrying Margaret Hankins, had 1 son - Frank, my grandfather.

Adam Smelser, born 1830 in Indiana, died 25 Feb 1895 in Mt. Pleasant Township, IN.   Adam was the son of Peter Smelser and he was an only child.  Peter served in the Civil War.  He was a Private in Co K, 19th Indiana for 3 years.  Entering service at Indianapolis 20 Oct 1862 by Captain Willard.  Inducted 20 Oct 1862 by Lt. Col. Carrington.  A farmer, age 33, blue eyes, brown hair, height 5' 8", fair complexion.  Nativity: Fayette Co, IN.   He was discharged 12 July 1865 on muster out of 20th Regiment.  Wounded at Gettysburg.  Mustered out at Washington D. C. 1 June 1865 for disability.

Adam married Hagalia Acord. 
They had 2 children:
Peter born 1851
Sousie C. born 1857
In December 1876, Adam married Margaret Hankins
Adam died 25 Feb 1885 in Delaware Co, IN.  There is no further record of Margaret.
Adam and Margaret Smelser had 1 child:
     1.Frank Smelser.
Adam Smelser married Margaret Keezlin Smelser who was born 1833 in Indiana.  Both her parents were born in W.VA.  She was married previously to unknown Hearst and 2nd to Thomas Hankins (he was born 1805 in VA).  Marriage #3 was to Frank Smelser.   She had a total of 9 children, 3 who died before her.
In 1870 the Federal census shows Margaret was married to Thomas Hankins. 
The children listed were:
1.Amanda born 1856
2. Ellen born 1858
3.Newton born 1862
4.Frederick born 1866
5.Andrew J. born 1868
6.Thomas born May 1870
7. Harvey born Aug 1869 married Hannah Neeley who was born 1848 and died 1933.  She was 21 years older than he and had no children.
8. Mary A. born 1873 married Emory Rollins.  Both are buried in Jones Cemetery.  
     Their children:
         a. Viva Rollins died at age 16
         b. Court Rollins married Ruth unknown and had 2 boys.
                    Jack who married Pat ? (they have 3 children)
                    Dick lived in Whittier, CA and had 3 children. 
                              Cophene Rollins born April 14, 1906 married Arthur Anthony and is                                 still living in Muncie, IN.
                       Court and Viva Rollins are both buried in Elm Ridge Cemetery. 
9. John Hankins born 1865, died 1938 may not be Margaret's son as Thomas was said to have been married before he married Margaret.  John Hankins married Belle Reed who was born 1875 and died 1927.  Buried in Jones Cemetery.
     Their children:
          1.George born 1889 and buried outwest.
          2.Harvey Olen born 1901 and died 1972.  Buried in Jones Cemetery
         3. Velma Hankins (Conner) Brown - living
          4.Nathan Cody born 1915 - living
          5.Arnold born 1910 died same year. Buried in Jones Cemetery
          6.Perry Cleon born 1914 and died Christmas Eve 1977.  Buried in Jones
          Cemetery.  His wife Betty Ann, still living, last known.

Frank Smelser (son of Adam Smelser and Margaret Smelser Hearst Hankins Smelser) was born 20 Apr 1877 in Harrison Township, IN.  He married Emma Iola Chapman 20 Oct 1907.   They are my grandparents on my mother's side. 

Frank did not have a name when he was a child.  When his parents wanted him for something, they simply called him boy.  This is sad but true.  He named himself at the age of 5 or 6 when he entered school.  On 25 Feb 1885, Frank went to visit Adam and found him dead.  We don't think Frank had a very happy childhood!   Frank died 18 Sep 1949.  The funeral was held in their living room.   Emma, who was an angel committed suicide 25 Jun 1957 at the home of her son Verne.   She felt she was a burden on her children.  She was found in the swimming hole in Patoka Creek.  Frank and Emma are buried in Orange Co, IN. 
They had 8 children:
     1.Vance Duane born 8 Nov and married Marie Peirson 1 Aug 1, 1912 had 4 children.
     2. Verne Keezling born 25 July 1910 and died 26 Feb 1974.   He worked in a chair factory in Paoli
          IN.  He married Nellie Eickelberger 31 Dec 1932.  They had 2 children.
     3. Kenneth Harold
     4. Inez Margaret (my mother)  born 8 Jan 1915 in Muncie, IN.  She married 22 Aug 1931 to Floyd
         Douglas Froman  in Muncie, IN.   4 children born to this marriage.
     5. Ray twin born 15 Feb 1918 - died in infancy
     6. Fay twin born 15 Feb 1918 - died in infancy
     7. Victor Kermit - died in infancy
     8. Kieth Carver born 14 March 1920 in Muncie, IN and married Elizabeth Moore.  daughter of
        Josephine Bundy and Francis Moore both of Orange Co, IN.  Elizabeth Moore was born
        19 Feb 1920.

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