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Descendants of Champ Bertrum Smelser





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Champ Bertrum Smelser of Arkansas
Possibly descended from Abraham Smelser of Oklahoma

by Jaime Camirita (Smelser) Ugaz

My grandfather was Champ Bertrum Smelser and we think he is originally from Oklahoma.
I think his Dad was Abraham Smelser.
I know grandpa (Champ Bertrum Smelser) had a few brothers Bruce, Thomas, and Willy Jay which was a
twin with Minnie Fay, who had a son  named Dennis who I met once...a really nice man.
The only sisters I can remember is Erie, Ulla, Marie?, Minnie Fay.
Champ Bertrum Smelser died of Cancer in Paragould Arkansas He was married to
Rosa Cathryn unknown maiden name.
Their children are:
1. Doyle Bertrum Smelser married to Ruth their children are:  Barbra, Nancy. Joanne,
    Kathleen, Kelly and Michele.   Kathleen has two children.    Nancy just got
    married in Hawii where she lives.
2. Albert Gerain Smelser not married.
3. Carla Jean Smelser was married to Hayward.  They have 3 children: Teresa,
    Franky, Steven.   She later divorced and married a Babcock.
4. Ron Smelser married to Teresa, they have two sons:  Chess and Bobby
5. Jackie Wayne  Smelser married Donna June Breckenridge in Flint, Michigan.  
    They had 4 children together:  Jacklyn, Jaime, Billy, and Joy.
    Both Jack and Donna's family are from Paragould, Arkansas and that area.
    Jack's two aunts and Donna's aunt where both school teachers of Oat Grove.
    Jack's Aunts were Johnny (nickname) the other Willy Jays wife Joanne. Donna's
    was Genevia (not for sure of the spelling).
    Jack's wife died of cancer at the age of 36 he too was 36 he remarried Betty
    Lou Hutchinson.   She was married before to a man by the last name of Powers.
    They had two children together Marty and Lori, but was divorced for a long
    time before meeting Jack.
    They now live in WV same with all of his children.

6. Billy Bertrum Smelser is married to Carol they have a girl named Chrissy Ann
    (not for sure of the spelling).

I will be happy to exchange information on this family although my information is limited.
I know we are related to Greene because my grandfather introduced me to a man
by that name and told me we were related.
Plus a sherriff that was a sherriff in 1980?
Plus I am related to all the Breckenridges for that was what my mom was.

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