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Esty Lewis Smelser





Esty Lewis Smelser
(1999 Sheila Smelser)

Son of George Washington Smelser and Maggie E. House
b.May 30, 1887 in Red Cloud, Webster Co, Nebraska
m. November 26, 1914 in Deer Lodge Valley, Montana to Ernestine Mary Davey
buried at Mound Grove Cemetery, Independence, MO

Esty Smelser was born and raised in Red Cloud, Nebraska.  In 1912 Esty went west to Montana for the adventure.  He was boarding with Mr. and Mrs. Christoffersons.  Mrs. Christoffersons was the sister of Martha Jenkins Smelser, who was married to Esty's cousin Thomas, son of Cleophas Smelser.

Attending church with the Christoffersons, Esty met Ernestine Mary Davey, the woman he was determined to marry, even though she was seeing someone else.  At a party with a group of young people, someone asked Esty, "How come a fine looking young man like you have never married?"  Esty answered "I never found the right girl until now, "looking right at Ernestine he continued "If I can't have her I'll never marry."  It wasn't long before Esty and Ernestine were engaged to be married, but Ernestine later changed her mind and moved to Independence, MO with her mother.

Roscoe Davey, Ernestine's brother knew these two young people were meant to be together and worked on the side line to get them back together.  He had Ernestine make Esty divinity candy because he loved it so much, but when Esty received the candy and knew that Ernestine had made it for him, he resolved to resume the romance.  Roscoe then invited Esty to come to Independence for a church conference.  Being together again worked and they again were engaged to be married.

On Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1914 Esty and Ernestine were married among about 40 family and friends.  Jerome Wychoff, Elder in the RLDS Church performed the ceremony.  After a three day honeymoon to Butte Montana, the couple set up housekeeping in a three room log house near the store that Esty managed.

Three children were born to Esty and Ernestine.  Wayne, John and Wilma.

Esty was a devout husband, father and Christian.  He was a man with a good sense of humor and often annoyed his wife with his antics.  In one instance, they were living in N. Dakota among German/Russians, who were unaware that Esty could understand the German language, and knew what they were saying in their native tongue.   He had a good time till his secret got out.