Iowa Land Records





Iowa Land Records

Washington County, Iowa

Know all Men, that Daniel Schmeltzer and Mary A. Smeltzer, wife of the said Daniel Smeltzer of the county of Bucannon State of Iowa in consideration of the sum of Eight Thousand Dollars in hand paid by John Smeltzer do hereby Grant, Bargain, Sell and Convey unto the said John Smeltzer heirs and assigns forever, the following described Real Estate situated in Washington County, in the State of Iowa, to-wit:
Lots Six, Seven, Eight and Nine 678&9 in Block Five (5) in Boyd's first Addition to the town of Riverside
And the said grantor hereby Warrant the Title of said Premises against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever; and the said Mary A. Schmeltzer hereby relinquishes her right of Dower in and to said premises.
Witness my hand, this 27 day of June 1876
Daniel Smeltzer
Mary A. Smeltzer
STATE OF IOWA, Buchanon County, ss:
I -------a Notary Public in and for said County, do hereby certify that Daniel Schmeltzer and Mary A. Smeltzer his wife are personally known to me to be the identical persons whose names are affixed to the above conveyance as grantors and that they this day came personally before me and acknowledged the same to be their voluntary act and deed.
Witness my hand NOTOREAL SEAL this 27 day of June AD 1876
John J. Ney
Notary Public
Filed for record the 22nd day of July A. D. 1876 at 9 0'clock AM.
A true copy of the original recorded July 29 A. D. 1876

F. S. Rowan       Recorder