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Johan Adam Schmeltzer Sr





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Johan Adam Smeltzer Descendants

by Charlotte Girven


My line is from Johan Adam Schmeltzer/Smelcer Sr. He and his brother,
Valentine, arrived in this country on the ship Royal Union at
Philadelphia in 1750.
He was s Rev. War soldier in the German Battalion in Capt. Henry
Fister's Company, commanded by Col. Nicholas Hussecker. He was born
about 1724/28 and died 27 June 1796.
He is buried at New Windsor, Carroll Co., Md. in the Winter's Cemetery,
Presbyterian Church. There is also a stone there for Michael Smelser
who died 10 Nov (no year), age 74 years and 4 months.
It is believed that Michael may have been a son. Michael's wife Mary is
also buried there.

Johan Adam Schmeltzer, Jr. was born about 1755/60 and died in October of
1822 in Greene Co. Tn. He was married first to Anna Maria Eckert,
daughter of Francis Eckert of Lancaster Co. and had 8 children:

1. Adam, born abt 1778, md. Leah Ealy/Ely
2. Elizabeth, born abt 1780, md. Nicholas Ealy/Ely
3. Hannah, born abt 1783, md Christian Winkler
4. John, born about 1784
5. Jacob, born about 1785, md. Elizabeth Ealy/Ely
6. Frederick, born 29 Nov 1797, died 18 Mar 1850, md. Katherine ?
7. Suannah, born 25 Dec 1790, died 12 Feb 1885, md. Rev. John Good
8. Joseph, born abt 1793, md. Barbara Misemer

After the death of his first wife, Johan Adam (called Adam) moved to
Rockingham Co., Va. and married Mary Kretzinger on 26 Feb. 1797.
They then moved to Greene Co. Tenn and had the following children:
1. George Smelcer, born about 1798/99, married Elizabeth Fry.
2. Henry James or James Henry Smelcer, born about 1802/03, md.
    Elizabeth King.
3. Barbara Ann Smelcer, born 2 Aug 1802, died 6 Au8g 1887 in Richland
    Co. Wis., married to George W. Fry.
4. Samuel E. Smelcer, born 4 Oct 1804, died 29 June 1882, married to
    Sarah Misemore.
5. William Smelcer, born about 1808, md. Mahala King
6. David Smelcer, no further information

George W. and Barbara Ann Smelcer Fry are my direct line, however, since
George's sister, Elizabeth Fry, married George Smelcer, I am very
interested in both of these lines -- for that matter, all of this family.

George W. and Barbara Ann Fry were married in Greene Co. Tenn. in 1819
and later moved into Clinton Co. Indiana. They had 10 children:
1. John Henry, born 1 Jan 1820, died 21 Jan 1905, md. three times,
    Susannah Clary, Helen Naomi Mari Wells, and Martha Bible.
2. Mary M., born about 1821/22, died 13 Dec 1877, md. Smith Lowry.
3. Adam, born 2 Jun 1824, died 24 Apr 1900, md. Margaret Smelcer 1st
    and Rebecca Clary 2nd.
4. Elizabeth, abt 1825, died 1867, md. Arad Silvers and Ralph Griffin.
5. Solomon James, born 30 Oct 1829, died 28 May 1896, md. Charlotta
6. William, born 31 Aug 1832, died 1 Apr 1902, Eliza Jane Thompson.
7. Phillip Harmon, born 20 Oct 1835, died 25 Jan 1916, md. Mary Ellen
8. Susannah Matilda, born 21 Dec 1838, died 9 Mar 1924, md. Sylvenis
    Turner and David Griffin.
9. Delilah Catherine, born 20 Feb 1842, died 17 Dec 1929, md. her
    cousin, Jacob Fry, son of Christian. (My direct line.)
10. Isaac Gabriel, born 6 July 1845, died 5 Nov 1921, md. Harriett
     Atheleene Cole.

The parents and all of the children of George W. and Barbara died in

I believe that Jacob, born abt 1755/60, was probably a brother to Johan Adam.