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Missouri Marriages





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Carter County, Missouri

A. M. Smelser m Elizabeth Hyatt of Denton Co, MO - 28 Jan 1915
Marriage Book D, Page 329
Carter Smelser of Ripley County m Bessie Hubb of Rand Co, AR
30 Jul 1901
Marriage Book C, Page 146
Clarence Smelser m Ruby Kleinschodt - 27 Sep 1920
Marriage Book D, Page 189
Nancy Smelser m Joseph Lumpkins - 21 Aug 1898
Marriage Book C, Page 12.
Rev. S. W. Smelser m Mrs. Louisa Hooper - 30 Aug 1903
Married in Ripley County.  Marriage Book C, Page 232
Samantha Smelser m Clinton Dunigan - 20 May 1898
Marriage Book C, Page 5.

Cass County, Missouri

David W. Smelser m Mary D. Settle - 2 Jun 1842 (source -

Susan (Mrs.) Smelser m Charles G. Little - 22 Feb 1844 (lookup)

 Clark County, Missouri

Alice Smelsr m George C. Bolles - 5 Jul 1881

Henry County, Missouri

George W. Smelser m Patsy Jones 22 Jan 1846 (source -

Johnson County, Missouri

Margaret Smelsor m Henry D. Edwards - 15 July 1841 (source - Liahona Resrch disk)

Margaret A. Smelsor m Jacob Epbright - 5 Aug 1841 (source - Liahona Resrch disk)

Polly Smelser m Jeromiah Creeg - 28 Oct 1835 (lookup)

Lafayette County, Missouri

B. T. or B. F. Smelser m Maggie Foster - 20 Dec 1864

Nancy E. Smelser m William Hickman - 3 Jun 1856 (source - lookup in Lafayette Co.)

Rebecca Smelsor m William Sample - 2 Jan 1861 (source - lookup in Lafayette Co.)

Lawrence County, Missouri

Frank M. Smellzer m Lucie B. Kelton - 25 Apr 1877

Marion County, Missouri

Joseph Smelser m Emily Tipton - 19 Jan 1854

Platte County, Missouri

Jacob Smelser m Susan Reynolds - 29 Aug 1863

Ralls County, Missouri

Henry Smelser m Mary Ann Wolf - 18 Feb 1853
Mary Ann of Lick Creek, Ralls Co, MO
married by Reverend George Rice
(source - Hannibal Tri-Weekly News 22 Feb 1853)

Susan C. Smelser m Andrew J. Rice  - 16 Nov 1848 (source -

Mary A. Smelser m Harvey G. McCune 8 Nov 1849
married @ Cumberland Presbyterian Church  (source -

Ripley County, Missouri

Carter Smelser m Ann McElrath - 3 Oct 1893

Eliza J. Smelser m Franklin J. Jones - 23 Dec 1877 (2nd marriage)
Eliza's maiden name was Myers.  She married 1st William Stephen Smelser.
Houston H.   Smelser m Sarah Francis Brooks - 9 Nov 1882
Son of Sanford Wayne Smelser and Nancy Jane Davis

Jemarinth Smelser m Martial Stephens - 1851

John F. Smelser m Mary Jane Chapman - 16 Aug 1888
Son of Stephen Smelser and Eliza Jane Myers
Lizy J. Smelser m Thomas J. Grace - 23 Aug 1895
Daughter of Jasper Marion Smelser and Sarah L. Myers
(sister of Eliza Jane Myers)
Martha E. Smelser m Wm. H. Rose - 5 Sep 1880
Daughter of P. W. Smelser and Elizabeth O'Neal (Martha Elender)
Martha E. Smelser m Houston Holland - 8 Jan 1897
Daughter of William Henry Smelser and Mary Olive Kelley
and Grandaughter of William Stephen Smelser and Elizabeth Greathouse

Mary A. Smelser m Harry H. Holland - 1 Sep 1889

Mary J. Smelser m J. T. Tyson - 5 Apr 1891

Ms. Olley Smelser m Ellot Cox - 26 Sep 1893
Mary Olive Smelser is her real name.
She is the daughter of William Henry Smelser and Mary Olive Kelley
P. W. Smelser m Elizabeth W. O'Neal - 27 Feb 1853
Son of William Steven and Elizabeth Greathouse
Mrs. R. E. Smelser m A. F. Harman - 9 Mar 1890
Rebecca Elizabeth and Albert Fulton Harmon.
She is daughter of William Henry Smelser and Mary Olive Kelley
Rhoda Elizabeth Smelser m John Thomas Tucker - 3 Dec 1876
(source - Mgs 1833-1900S Ripley Co, MO)
Samantha Smelser m James Messer - 11 Oct 1891
Daughter of William Henry Smelser and Mary Olive Kelley
Sandford M. Smelser m Nancy Jane Davis - 12 May 1859
Son of William Stephen Smelser and Elizabeth Greathouse
2nd marriage to unknown Cogshell
3rd marriage to Eliza Webb Mainors. 
Sanford Smelser m Eliza Mainors 6 Sep 1866
Son of William Stephen Smelser and Elizabeth Greathouse
Eliza was a widow of unknown Mainors.  Her maiden name was Webb.

Sarah Smelser m Marton S. Hudson - 11 Aug 1897

Sarah E. Smelser m Roshier C. Cates - 17 Feb 1889

Stephen J. Smelser m Laura Jane Miller - 2 Mar 1894

Susa Smelser m Jonathan R. Sullivan - 8 Dec 1889

William Smelser m Mary O. Kelley - 29 Sep 1867
Son of William Stephen Smelser and Elizabeth Greathouse

Scotland County, Missouri

Eliza Smelcer m William Hamwich - 24 Mar 1878

St. Charles County, Missouri

Ruth Smelser m James Sullavan - 23 Dec 1826 (lookup)

Saline County, Missouri

Margaret Smelser m Warren Revis - 5 Jan 1823 (lookup)

Rebecca Smeltezer m James T. Fisher -  22 Dec 1831 (lookup)

Texas County, Missouri

Martha Smelcer m Jasper Farrow - 17 Jan 1888.  
Catherine Smelcer signed marriage papers.  Martha b. 10 Jun 1869, d. 11 Apr 1956.

Worth County, Missouri

Sarah A. Smelsr m Thomas P. Packett - 16 Mar 1892

**Thanks to Delores Kruse and Marilyn Ainsworth who are most kind to do lookups for people**