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Oregon Marriages






Bernice Dorothea Smelser m Robert Oliver Wirowek 11-03-1956

Billie Ruth Smeltzer m Gary Leslie Baum 02-04-1956

Celia M. Smelser m Milton R. Hart 01-04-1895

Effie Jane Smelser m Cartis Andrews 05-11-1894

Eliza Smelser m William Peterson 03-10-1853

Eliza Smelcer m T. J. Compton 12-06-1893

Eliza J. Smelser m William Smith 10-09-1862

Francis M. Smelser m Cerilda Carter 01-29-1864

Frederick Arthur Schmeltzer m Mary Margaret Mudd 03-20-1960

Jasper Smelsor m Lecta M. Lane 12-12-1862

Margaret Smelzer m Elbert Kubler (Keebler?) 08-15-1869

Maud Smelser m Ephrem Piatt 03-20-1907
(Witness to license was John Smelser.  Witnesses to marriage were Jacob Smelser and Isaiah Piatt.  Ceremony performed in the home of Mrs. Sarah Smelser.)

Nancy G. Smelser m J. Thomas McCallister 10-23-1861

Nellie Smelcer m M. G. Gaylord 10-12-1894

William J. Smelser m Velera Garland 06-19-1917

Younger Smelsor m Margaret Hannah 10-07-1860

Spellings are as they appear in the record. Some records contain consent
letters and affidavits as well as the marriage record. Donna has copies of all
of them and is willing to share.
**Many thanks to Donna for contributing the Oregon marriages. 
She has generously offered to share copies of these.
Index of Oregon Marriages 1906-1920.  Alphabetized by surname, then by given name.
Name Spouse Marriage Date County
SCHMELTZER, Cora M ???? 1910 Washington
SCHMELTZER, E. L Jan 1909 Multnomah
SCHMELTZER, Frank C 28 Nov 1910 Washington
SCHMELTZER, Florence J. Eppling 9 Dec 1916 Hood River
SMELCER, Benjamin F 24 Mar 1919 Lane
SMELCER, Beth M 24 Nov 1920 Klamath
SMELCER, Clifford Katherine Schuck 10 Aug 1918 Baker
SMELCER, Neva Elbert Lenax 10 Jun 1917 Douglas
SMELSER, Eugene C 12 May 1912 Lane
SMELSER, William Jackson 19 Jun 1917 Linn
SMELTZER, Paul   8 Dec 1920 Multnomah
SMELZER, William J 25 Apr 1908 Wasco
There is much more info on the marriage documents.  This is an index only and the spouse names were not included!  Request the original documents from the counties.