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Virginia Wills





Virginia Wills, Probate and Estate Records


1778 Paulser Smelser Will; Bk 1 pg 305
1778 Cath Smelser Exor; Paulser Smelser Inventory & Appsmt; Bk 1 pg 325
1842 John Smelser Division of Land (Abraham, Jacob, John, Malinda, Stephen's Heirs and Wilson) Bk 11 pg 91
1858 Paschal Smelser's Widow; Allotment of dower; Bk 17 pg 185
1859 Ketty Smelser named in Henry Pearcy Will; Bk 17 pg 191
1866 Milton Smelser executor of Elizabeth Robertson Will; Bk 20 pg 377
1870 Abraham Smelser Will (Polly widow); Bk 21 pg 550
1883 Abraham Smelser Admr. Legatees Account Bk 26 pg 39-40 (names Abram, Palser, Henry, Jesse's Heirs and Paschal)
1916 P.W. Smelser Will (names Mary A., Ora P.) Bk 35 pg 23
1920 Rhoda C. Smelser name on Jabez Brown's Executor's Legatees Acct.; Bk 36 pg 247
1926 Ora B. Smelser named in J. Lawson Gray's Will; Bk 38 pg 201
1927 Mrs. Ellie Smelser named on list of heirs for Sallie Jane Franklin; Bk 38 pg 311
1947 Tommy Smelser name on list of heirs for Mrs. Annie L. Giles Bk 50 pg 252

Will of Henry Pearcy, 1854 - Bedford Co. VA

"I Henry Pearcy, considering the uncertainty of life and the duty of being
prepared for death, do make and ordain this my last will and testament. 1.
I direct that all my just debts be paid by my executor or administrator and
that twenty dollars be given to Robert Franklin (my grandson) if he can be
heard of within one year after my death, if not let it go back to the
2nd. I direct that Lydia Pearcy (my daughter) receive for her legacy sixty
dollars more, having received forty dollars, and Neicy Greenwood (my
daughter) receive sixty dollars also for her legacy of my estate, having
received forty dollars.
3rd. Kitty SMELZER (my daughter) has received one hundred dollars, so I leave her nothing. And Nancy Waldron (my daughter) I leave one hundred dollars for her legacy of my estate, and also Sally Waldron (my daughter) I leave one hundred dollars for her legacy of my estate.
4th. I leave all the balance of my estate, including lands, stock of every
kind, Negroes, household and kitchen furniture and in short everything i
possess at my death after the above requirements of my will are satisfied,
to my daughters viz. Dinah Pearcy, Eliza Jane Pearcy and Elizabeth Ann
Pearcy for their legacies of my estate, each one of (the three last) them
having an equal share.
5th. I appoint William Pearcy (my nephew) executor of this my will (if he
should be in this country at my death, if not the court will appoint
someone) and I do not wish him to give security. I have hereunto set my
hand this the nineteenth day of December eighteen hundred fifty four."

Henry Pearcy (his mark)

Signed, published and declared by the testator Henry Pearcy as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us all present at the same time, who in his presence and at his request have hereunto signed our names as witnesses hereunto.
William Pearcy
Charles C. Otey
Thos. Pearcy
Paid Neicy Greenwood forty dollars which is a portion of her legacy in my
October 23, 1851
Henry Pearcy (his mark), written by William
Paid Lydia Pearcy forty dollars which is a portion of her legacy in my
October 23, 1851
Henry Pearcy (his mark), written by William
At a court held for Bedford County at the courthouse the 28th day of
February 1859, this writing purporting to be the last will & testament of
Henry Pearcy, dec'd, was produced in court and proved according to law by the oath of Charles C. Otey and Thomas Pearcy suscribing witnesses thereto, and was ordered to be recorded. And William Pearcy the executor in said will named having declined to qualify, the court in pursuance of the
authority conferred by said will doth appoint Charles C. Otey administrator with the will annexed of the goods, chattels and credits of the said Henry Pearcy dec'd. and thereupon the said Charles C. Otey entered into and acknowledged bond in the penalty of one thousand dollars conditioned according to law, which bond was ordered to be recorded.
A. A. Arthur, C. B. C.