Virginia Land Records





Virginia Land Records


1769 Smelser, Palser from Michael Woods; Deed Bk 3, pg 263
       225 acres both sides of Wilson's Fork/Goose Creek

1783 Smelsor, Besey and James Pearcy; Cert Marriage Bk 7, pg 343

1792 Smelser, John, Stephen from Paulser Smelser; Deed Bk 9, pg 135
       212 acres on South fork of Goose Creek

1809 Smelser, Abraham & wife Sally to Joshua Burnett; Deed Bk 13 pg 471
       28 acres 83P on Glove Creek and south fork of Goose Creek

1810 Smelser, John & others and Henry Buford; Agreement;  Bk 13 pg 553
       as to dividing line between property

1814 Smelser, John from William Harris & others; Deed Bk 14 pg 162
       245 acres on waters of Bore Auger Creek

1819 Smelser, John to Deacon Nicholas Pearcy; Deed; Bk 16 pg 53
        Lot on Jones Fork of Goose Creek "Smelser meeting house site"

1826 Smelser, Jesse from John Smelser & wife Rachel; Deed Bk 20 pg 53
        44 acres on south branch of Goose Creek adjacent Paschal Buford

1836 Smelser, John Sr. from Samuel Agnew & others; Deed Bk 26, pg 18
        Interest in 40 acres, Estate of William Agnew adjacent Buford & others

1839 Smelser, John to John Crouch; Deed Bk 28 pg 96
       245 acres on south side of Bore Auger Creek adjacent Edward St.Clair & others

1841 Smelser, John's Estate to Jesse A. Bramblett; Deed Bk 29 pg 140;
       Int. in Estate of John Smelser

1841 Smelser, John's Estate, Jacob & wife Evalina to Albert M. Robertson; Deed;
       Bk 29 pg  231
       Int in Tract on Goose Creek

1842 Smelser, John's Estate to Pascal Buford; Deed Bk 30 pg 57
       Tract on Glove Creek & on Porter's Mtn. Road

1842 Smelser, John's Estate to Charles W. Gill Tr; DT; Bk 30 pg 122
       73 acres on east fork of Goose Creek & on Porter's Mtn. Road

1846 Smelser, John from Wilson Smelser; Deed Bk 32, pg 242
       46 acres on south side of Porters Mtn. On Glove Creek

1846 Smelser, Jesse from Paschal Smelser; Agmt; Bk 32, pg 316
       Between 40 and 50 acres on south fork of Goose Creek
       200 acres 1 mile from above tract and personal property
       (also an entry same page reversing the above)

1846 Smelser, Stephen H. from Eliza A. Smelser, A & J, Sarah S. & Charlotte Smelser;
       P.A. (I believe this is a Power of Atty)
       Bk 32 pg 478 To settle Estate of John Smelser
1847  Smelser, Paschal & wife Frances to Paschal Buford; Deed; Bk 33 pg 376
       44 acres on Lynchburg & Salem Turnpike & on south fork of Goose Creek

1849 Smelser, Paschal & wife Frances to Robert Davidson; Deed Bk 34 pg 251
       189 acres on south fork of Goose Crek adj Pearcy and others

Bedford Co., VA Land Record Index 1850-1900

1850 Smelser, John's Estate to John Q. A. Buford; Deed Bk 35 p 171
26 acres adjacent Paschal Buford & others

1852 Smelser, Paschal from James F. Johnson, Comr.; Deed; Bk 35 pg 440
408 acres adj Paschal Buford and others

1853 Smelser, Abraham's Estate's Commr to Paschal Buford; Deed Bk 35 pg 609
26 acres adj Paschal Buford

1854 Smelser, Henry from Sarah Burnett; Deed; Bk 36 pg 354
28 acres 83P adj P. Buford, Sam'l A. Thomas & others

1855 Smelser, Jacob P and wife Mary Ann to Zachariah Robertson; Deed Bk 38
pg 87; 45 acres on Porter's Mtn. & on east fork of Goose Creek

1863 Smelser, Frances from Jno. R. Steptoe, Comr; Deed; Bk 42, pg 286
66 acres on Goose Creek adj Mrs. Angeline Otey & others

1871 Smelser, John to Homestead Deed Bk 45 pg 292
103 acres on Goose Creek 1 mile from Buford's Depot and personal property

1873 Smelser, John & Louisa to Lisbon School District Trs; Deed Bk 47 pg 132
1 acres on Glove Creek

1874 Smelser, P.W. from George W. Kessler & wife (Abram's Estate); Deed; Bk
47, pg 301
Int in 198 acres, Estate of Abram Smelser adj Capt. Paschal Buford

1874 Smelser, Abram's Estate: Pascal W. & wife Mary E., John E., Ann E.,
Pascal W. & wife, Abram's Est. George P. & wife Mary E. to John H. Gross
Deed Bk 47 pg 302-303; Int. in 198 acres adj Capt. Paschal Buford & others

1875 Smelser, Pascal W. from Geo. P. Smelser & wife Ann E., John E.  (Henry
Smelser's estate);
Deed; Bk 48 pg 41; Int in 133 acres adj S. L. Thomas, Abram Smelser & others

1875 Smelser, P.W. from John E. Smelser; Deed 48 pg 42
Int in 133 acres adj L.A. Thomas & Abram Smelser & others

1876 Smelser, P.W. from G. W. Kessler & wife; Deed Bk 48 pg 43
Int in 133 acres adj L.A. Thomas & Abram Smelser & others

1882 Smelser, P.W. from William C. S. Robertson; Deed Bk 55 pg 130
Int in 1 acres on Porters Mtn. & Goose Creek

1886 Smelser, John E. from L.A. Thomas; Deed Bk 59 pg 171
200 acres north side of Porters Mtn. & on both sides of Glove Creek

Book A Page 224

Indenture 24 Sep 1832 between John Tuckwiller & Mary his wife & Charles Weaver & Mary his wife of 1st part & Jacob Smelser of other part.  At head of Dry Run.  Tract of land conveyed by Jacob Smelser Senr. & wife to Thomas Tuckwiller dated 09 Sep 1820.  Recorded 24 Sep 1832.