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This page was designed for people who are searching for their Smelser roots.  We hope to expand our knowledge and intensify our research efforts by grouping together and posting the information we have gathered on our Smelser/Smeltzer families here.  Since this page is a group effort, please, please let me know what you would like to see here!  I am open to any suggestions. Have a look around, we hope you will find some of your ancestors here.  The information you will see here was provided by many members of our group.  God Bless those of you who have shared your research efforts.  You can proudly say you are friends to all genealogists.  Included with the Smelser/Smeltzer information contained in these hundreds of pages, are many other folks in the collateral lines, so if you are searching for other names, you might want to at least try a search to see if there are any of your ancestors. 


The information presented on this site is free for all to use in their personal research.  I am a firm believer in sharing genealogy information.  What good what would it do to find all this data, only to hide it from everyone?  This viewpoint taken by some folks has never made any sense to me.  HOWEVER.... Do not copy this data for publishing in any form without consent of the webmaster.


Smelser-Smeltzer Surname Y-DNA Project Started - Join Today!!

On March 1, 2006 a new tool was added to our collective genealogical
toolbox with the kick-off of the Smelser-Smeltzer Y-DNA Surname
Project. Working through the lab and website services of
FamilyTreeDNA ( in Arizona, a service provider
for the Genographic Project and other National Geographic Society DNA
testing, members of the Smelser-Smeltzer clan from around the world
can now have a male family member simply swab the inside of their
mouth using a kit provided by FTDNA, submit it, wait about 8 weeks
and see where their family fits both in the worldwide DNA web and
more importantly to us, where they fit in the various
Smelser-Smeltzer family lines we have all been working for decades.
Any similar family name can participate in the project. So, if your
surname is Smelcer, Schmeltzer, Schmelzer, etc. please jump right in.
As time passes we will soon find more cousins from this effort.
Just go to and in the upper right hand side of
their homepage you will find a search box. Just enter either
Smelser or Smeltzer and click on "search." You should see the
Smelser-Smeltzer Y-DNA Project as one of your choices. Just click
on that and you can chose what test you would like to have conducted
and the cost of each. This project will be testing male "Y"
chromosomes only because that's only portion of the male line that
remains virtually unchanged over the generations. Female members
can participate as well but the testing of their Mitochondrial DNA
will provide them with a picture of their maternal DNA line.
Mitochondrial DNA is inherited from your mother only. If you have
any questions please contact the Smelser-Smeltzer Surname Y-DNA
Project Coordinator John Smeltzer


Are any of the people in the unknown photos your ancestors?  Help us identify them.  These are submitted by descendants of our Smelser/Smeltzer etc.. families.

Please take a moment to browse the photos.  Who knows, perhaps we have one that belongs in your family.  When you get to the photo page, look all the way to the bottom for the unknown photos.

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Just exactly how do we spell it?

A Smelcer is a Smeltzer is a Schmeltzer is a Smelser is a get the idea.  No matter how we spell it, we are one family.


Where are we from?

The Schmeltzer name is German.  In all probability, the name was given to people who worked in smelters.  Upon coming to America the name was "Americanized" and Schmeltzer became known as all the different spellings we see today.  In the census, we find our ancestors as being from Germany, Prussia, Bavaria and Palatine.  I am sure there are others.  Below, you will see the early immigrants who came to America.   We have recently been told some of our families came from Austria, into Ireland and then on to the Americas, including Canada.

If you know of other early immigrants, please let us know.


Schmeltzer Immigrants to the United States
1. Johannes Schmeltzer
   Sept 25, 1732 (age 26)
   Ship "Loyal Judith"
From Rotterdam, last from Cowes
5. Andreas Schmeltzer
   Thurs, Aug 5, 1751
   Ship "Shirley"
   From Rotterdam, last from
   Orkney, Scotland
2.Wendal Schmertzen
   Oct 1749
   From Rotterdam to Philadelphia
   Ship "Leslie"  Palatines from
   Mannheim and Zweibrucken.
   From Rotterdam, last from Cowes
6. Johan Gottfried Schmeltzer
    Hans Jacob Schletzer
    Wed, Sept 25, 1751
    Ship "Phoenix"
    From Rotterdam, last from
    Portsmouth, England
3. Johan Philip Schmeltzer
    Sep 19, 1738
    Ship "The Thistle" 
    From Rotterdam, last from
    Plymouth, England
7. Friederich Schmeltzle
    Oct 20, 1752
    Ship "Duke of Wirtenberg"
  From Rotterdam, last from Cowes
4. Johan Adam Schmeltzer
   Valentin Schmeltzer
   Wed, Aug 15, 1750
   Ship "Royal Union"
   From Rotterdam, last from Cowes

**We wish to thank Bill Smeltzer for this immigrant chart!**


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