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Thanks to all of you who have given an award to this page.  We appreciate your recognition of our hard work and dedication to genealogy.    There are many descendants of 
Smelser / Smeltzer
families who have contributed to this site.  You will see their names scattered throughout
these pages.  On behalf of all of us..........Thank you.  ~ It makes it all worthwhile ~

Received 3 July 1999
Your page is great and we here at SmelserCyberSites would like to give you an award
This site was voted the  ~Best of the Best~  by GenLink April 1999.
Thanks GenLink for acknowldging all our hard work!
best_award.jpg (8874 bytes)
After reviewing your site, we found that your site had
excellent genealogy content, innovative design, was easy
of use, had good presentation, and used fast loading graphics.
Congratulations! You have won our award...
We have added your URL to our Winners Page.

Genealogical Excellence Award presented April 25, 1999.

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You have a fantastic surname site. I am happy
to add it to my list of Excellent Surname Sites.
You are welcome to display my Genealogy
Excellent Award on your site.
Keep up the great work in advancing
Internet genealogy!

Many thanks to Mark Ellsworth Hickman for bestowing this award on us!

Bountiful Promise Genealogy Award of Excellence
Presented April 27, 1999

janawd8.jpg (16360 bytes)

I think your site is top of the line..going back to look more..
I love the way it is set up..
Bountiful Promise

Thank you, Janice for the award and kind words!

Your site has been chosen to receive the KFHA Site of Excellence Award
You have a wonderful site.  Received May 9,1999

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Thanks Ginny!  We will display this award proudly!

Warehouse of Pages Contest July 1999

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Thanks to Ware House of Pages