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We can be proud of our ancestors as they fought valiantly in the Civil War.  Most fought for the Union and some fought for the Confederacy.  All were engaged in many battles.  Some gave their lives for what they believed in and many suffered during this savage time.  A few were taken prisoner and held in prison camps where the conditions were horrible.  More than a few were wounded.  No matter which side they fought for, they were fighting for their own rights, liberty, freedom and homeland.

This is a memorial to all our ancestors who fought in the Civil War


These records came from various places.  Some of them are from the actual Military records I hold on the soldiers.  Some of them came from, various books, and the indexes to compiled service records at the National Archives, which I am still scouring for more.  If you have a Civil War military record of one of our Smelser/Smeltzer ancestors and would like to share it with all the Smelser/Smeltzer researchers, please send me an e-mail.  We would love to have the information.  I want to make this information as complete as possible.

We hope you find some of your ancestors here.

How to order Civil War Military and Pension Records FAQ Sheet


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