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Here is a list of people researching Smelser/Smeltzer/Smelcer/Schmeltzer.  To send e-mail, just click on a name.  Each person has listed their line in order of descendancy starting with the oldest one known first.   Hope some of you make cousin connections here.  To add your name to this list of researchers, send message to me.  

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Brenda Smelser Hay
SMELSER: Jacob; born between 1760 and 1770 >David Clark >GeorgeWashington  >Milford George >Everett Eugene Smelser.
Greene Co, TN >Hart Co, KY >Crawford Co, IN >Knox Co, IL >Washington Co, IA > Webster Co, NE >Page Co, IA >Tarrant Co, TX

Charlotte Smelser Cook
SMELSER: James S., born abt 1812 > James O. 1831-1915 > Ira Daniel 1859-1949 > Clarence T. 1889-1975 > Richard Clarence b 1923
Tennesse > Hart Co., Kentucky > Knox Co., IL > Wapello Co., IA > Walworth
Co., SD > Clackamas Co., OR

Lynda Spann
West VA Smeltzer Families.  Click HERE to see the lineage of the Michael Smeltzer family.

Kathleen Minion
SMELSER:  Jacob born between 1760-1770>Isaiah>Margaret B>Margaret Isabelle MARLIN>Roxena Belle FLINT>Leo Joseph JONES>Constance Lee. TN>Hart Co,KY>TN>Crawford Co,IN>Knox Co,IL>(split)1.Linn Co, OR> Lane Co, OR
2. Washington Co,IA> Jasper Co,MO>Mitchell Co,KS>Whatcom Co,WA>King Co,WA>Gladstone,OR>Las Animas Co, CO>Eagle Co,CO> Alameda Co,CA.(descendants fromLeo Joseph JONES in California, Hawaii,Kansas,Utah)

Carolyn Stanley
Smelser:  Paulser I born before 1733 and died 25 September 1778 Bedford County, Virginia>Paulser II>Stephen>Sanford Wayne>Susan Elizabeth Smelser.

Laurie Smelcer Kinney
Adam Smelcer b: 1724 d:6/27/1796> Adam Jr. b:1757 d:10/24/1882> Frederick b:1787 d:1850> Jacobus James b:3/19/1814 d:1886> Coleman Carl b:8/29/1848 d:10/11/1888> Hunley Carl b:4/28/1883 d:2/16/1970.

John F. Smeltzer
Smelser/Smeltzer:  Jacob Smelser; born about 1803>James M. Smelser>James Elmer Smeltzer>Paul Ora Smeltzer>John F. Smeltzer>John F. Smeltzer
Greene Co, TN?>Hart Co, KY>Crawford, IN?>Knox County, IL>Madison Co, IA>Dallas Co, IA

Donna Thurman
Smelser:   Isaiah Smelser>Mahala Jane>Lurana Hall>Ida Soca Kirkendall

Timothy Smelser
SMELSER:   George Smelser>Joseph Smelser born 2/21/1829>Joesph Edward Smelser born 12/25/1861>Elliott Hugh Smelser born 12/10/1900>Elliott J. Smelser born 7-22-1922.
Germany>Ralls Co, Missouri.

Claudette Smith Martin
SMELSER: John S. b. 1812 > Laura Eliza b. 1857 > Frank Hyland Smith b. 1883 > Claude Edson Smith b. 1905 
Tenn. > Hart Cnty., Ky. > Knox Cnty., Ill. > Platte Cnty., Mo. > Douglas Cnty., Ks.

June Smelser
SMELSER: James S., born abt 1812 > James O. 1831-1915 > Ira Daniel 1859-1949 > Lafayette Leonidas (L. L.) 1883-1959 > Lawrence Carl 1914-1987
Tennessee > Hart Co., Kentucky > Knox Co., IL. > Wapello Co., IA > Story Co., IA > Clackamas Co, OR.

Chris Houghtaling
Henry and Elizabeth (King) Smelser > George W. and Sarah (Tondro) Smelser > Alta (Smelser) Wetmore > Verna (Wetmore) Buttram
Indiana > LaPorte City, Iowa > Independence, Kansas > Eureka Springs, Arkansas > Missouri.
Alta (Smelser) Wetmore - spouse Vernon Wetmore.
Iowa > Kansas > Arkansas > Missouri
Alta's siblings: 
John Smelser - never married to my knowledge.
Iowa > Missouri
Brunetta (Smelser) Taylor - spouse F. Taylor.
Iowa > Kansas > Missouri > Kansas
MaryEtta (Smelser) Chenoweth - spouse Milton Chenoweth.
Iowa > Missouri
Grace (Smelser) Overstreet - spouse Frank Overstreet.
Iowa > Kansas> Missouri> California