Schmelzer Arms Company





Schmelzer's new "up-town" store, 1214-18 Grand Ave., replaced an earlier store at 710-720 Main Street.

The store founder was John F. Schmelzer, German-born manufacturer of firearms, who came to America from Oldenburg, Germany, in 1844 and settled in Hartford, Conn., where he was associated with Colt's armory.

He arrived by Missouri River steamboat at Leavenworth, Kan., in 1857 and started the business which became Schmelzer Arms Company.

His son, Charles J. Schmelzer, spent his boyhood days in Leavenworth where he attended grade and high school, becoming associated with his father at the age of 16.

During the 1880s Charles traveled in the West by wagon, selling firearms and ammunition. His route took him through Nebraska and Kansas and out to the Colorado line. He often recalled seeing stacks of buffalo hides around the old-time trading stations.

John, the father, retired in 1887 and the firm was moved from Leavenworth to Kansas City at that time. The business was incorporated in 1896 with a capital of $75,000 and by 1907 had grown to a $300,000 firm. Incorporated as "J. F. Schmelzer & Sons," the sons were Charles J. and Herman F.

The old promotional post card pictures signs on the Schmelzer store front listing guns, fishing tackle, firearms, fireworks, cutlery, athletic goods, bicycles, talking machines, Kodaks and toys. Later, golf equipment was a popular item.

The legend on the reverse side reads "Schmelzer Arms Co. at 1214 Grand Ave. is the most interesting store in Kansas City." Many Kansas Citians of that day would have agreed, especially men interested in hunting and sports.

Charles J. Schmelzer was president of the Chamber of Commerce in 1900. He was one of the founders of the Priests of Pallas parade.

Kansas City Times
October 18, 1975


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