Tips for using the search engine:  When searching for a Smelser / Smelcer / Smeltzer family member, it must be remembered there are thousands of names ending with the name in these pages.  For example, if you put in the name Charles Smelser, you will get results of all pages that contain both the word Charles and Smelser.  This could be lengthy as there are so many names on these pages. 

If you are having this problem, try searching only for first names of Smelser / Smeltzer / Smelcer etc..folks. 

Also, adding terms like the state: Iowa, Kentucky etc.., or an event such as: marriage, civil war, birth, death, census etc.. will return less results to sift through.  If you use multiple words, be sure to click the drop down box and select "find all words".  With a little practice and patience, the search gets easier.


charles iowa

david nebraska marriage

elmer pennsylvania census

One more very important tip for newby researchers....You could and will find your surname spelled in any fashion!  Don't think it can't be your ancestor just because the name is spelled Smelser instead of Smelcer or Smeltzer.  I have found my ancestors spelled all ways!  Think about many times in your life has someone butchered your name.  For some reason, our last name gets misspelled by people almost every time.