WWII Soldiers





WWII Soldiers

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North Dakota Soldiers

Name: Walter Smelser
Army #: 3,775,637
Registrant: yes, Ramsey county
Birth Place: Washington, Ind.
Birth Date: 29 Sep 1889
Parent's Origin: of American parents
Occupation: railroad switchman
Comment: inducted at Devils Lake on Aug. 8, 1918; sent to Jefferson Barracks,
Mo.; served in 57th Depot Brigade, to Sept. 17, 1918; 22nd Company, Camp
MacArthur September Automatic Replacement Draft, to Oct. 30, 1918;
Headquarters, 3rd Depot Division, to Feb. 4, 1919; Company B, 108th
Engineers, to discharge; overseas from Sept. 23, 1918, to May 23, 1919.
Discharged at Camp Dodge, Iowa, on June 1, 1919, as a Private.

Pawnee County, Oklahoma Draft

Pawnee, Ok. Pawnee Chief Courier-Dispatch February 22, 1945 
Draft board reclassifies some Pawnee County Men and inducts one

Nine 18-Year-Olds, Three older men Classified in 1-A The county draft board at its meeting last Friday evening found 12 men for class 1-A, nine of whom are boys 18 years old in January. The others were Elmer Thigpen, 36 Years old; Cleo E. Smelser, 33 years old; and Roy R. Caldwell, 34 years old, all transferred from Class 2-A. Five men were transferred from 1-A to other classes and one was inducted. 1-A- Elmer Thigpen, Cleo E. Smelser, Roy R. Caldwell, Wayne L. Reynard, Curtis W. Dunn, Howard H. Bulter, Carl F. Meyerdirk, William F. Walker, Sammy Southern, Melvin G. Martin, Denver A. Gigg; John A. Futly. 2-A-Donald C. Cox, Wiley F. Kelso, Clarence M. Gill. 2-A (F) Baptise R. Collins, Perry A. McCollum, Archie A. Walker, Roy W. Casey, Charles H. Brown. 2-B (F) Henry C. Nash, Roy E. Fowler, Charles S. Head, Jr., Dolphus O. James, Thomas N. Joplin, John W. Bank. 2-C-Merlin W. Venable, Jesse D. Hickson. 1-C (F) Walter D. Bledsaw 1-C (Inducted) Clifford O. McFall. 4-f-Raymond L. Gambill, Ernest A. McKenzie, Cecil R. Ridgeway, Delbert L. Brown.

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