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  1. Ada and Maty Smelser - children of John R. and Nancy Smelser, taken in Santa Clara, CA

  2. Alfred F. Smelser Family - of Knox Co, TN.  Submitted by Wayne Smathers

  3. Benjamin Franklin Smelser  submitter: Sheila and Jack Smelser

  4. Charles Smelser   submitter: Terry Hanna

  5. Charles I. Smelser   submitter:  Brenda

  6. Cleophas Smelser and sons submitter: Terry Hanna

  7. David and Ann Eliza Smelser   submitter:   Brenda Smelser Hay (original from Barbara Goldman)

  8. David and Ann's Grave Marker   submitter: Sheila and Jack Smelser

  9. Elizabeth Smelser & husband James Taylor   submitter: Belva Ticknor

  10. Esty Lewis Smelser's Children    submitter: Sheila and Jack Smelser

  11. Everett Smelser's Cousin - Wilma mystery solved!!  submitter:  Brenda Smelser Hay

  12. Frank Smeltzer of Dallas Co, Iowa - submitter: John F. Smeltzer 

  13. Frank & Allie Smeltzer Wedding Photo plus Allie Crooks Graduation Photo - 2 pics - submitter John F. Smeltzer

  14. George Washington Smelser's Grave Site 1859-1921  submitter: Robert Smelser

  15. George W. Smelser Family of Black Hawk Co, IA  submitter: Chris Houghtaling

  16. George Washington Smelser Family - Do you know who the family members are? submitter: Chris Houghtaling

  17. Ira Daniel Smelser family 1903    (son of James O.) submitter: Charlotte Smelser Cook

  18. Ira Daniel Smelser family 1910 submitter: Charlotte Smelser Cook

  19. Ira Newton Smelser 1971   submitter: Robert Smelser

  20. James Elmer Smeltzer   submitter: John F. Smeltzer

  21. James Jones Smelser  of San Saba, Texas.  submitter: Tom Warson

  22. John Adam Smelser Family of Jefferson Co, TN  submitter: Wayne Smathers

  23. John D. and Florrie OR Harmon and Elizabeth Smelser of San Saba, TX  submitter Tom Warson

  24. John R. and Nancy (Beasley) Smelser Grave Marker.  submitter Kathleen Minion.

  25. John and Martha Smelser of Jefferson Co, TN   submitter:  Sheila and Jack

  26. Mary Ann Smelser Beeman  submitter: Ben Reavis

  27. Milford George Smelser    2 pics   Submitter: Brenda Smelser Hay

  28. Nettie (Leggett) Smelser and children  submitter:  Robert Smelser

  29. Orpha Mae McGrew Smeltzer    3 pics    Submitter:  John F. Smeltzer

  30. Paul Ora Smeltzer and Orpha Mae McGrew     2 pics Submitter:  John F. Smeltzer

  31. Reuben Smelser of Nebraska  Submitter Robert Smelser

  32. Richard Frank Smelser   3 pics  Submitter John F. Smeltzer

  33. Robert Porter and Dicie Smelser of Union Co, TN    submitter:  Sheila and Jack Smelser

Unknown Smelser Pictures
Can you identify these people?
E-mail me if you know please.
  1. Unknown Smelser man #1
  2. Unknown Smelser man #2
  3. Unknown Smelser man #3
  4. Unknown Smelser man #4
  5. Unknown Smelser girl
  6. Baby Pearl unknown
  7. Baby Vinnie unknown - taken in Red Cloud, NE
  8. Unknown Smelser Woman
  9. Ira Smelser or Hawthorne??  submitter: Brenda Smelser Hay (original from Barbara Goldman)
  10. Unknown Smelser children - ADORABLE - submitter:  Robert Smelser